audio settings

At runtime, the audio levels of the sound card must be adjusted to the local conditions. There are many variants/programs here, the variant with the alsamixer should be explained as an example.1) Log on to the SvxLink computer locally or via ssh and start SvxLink2) Start alsamixer, without option the first sound card is addressed, if SvxLink uses the second, third, nth sound card, start alsamixer as follows: alsamixer -cX where X is the number of the sound card that SvxLink uses. The count starts at 0 for the first, 1 for the second, etc. … N for the N+1.te sound card.


Operation is carried out with the arrow keys and the function keys [F1..F6].

3) Change the settings accordingly, deactivate all unused channels (mute by pressing [M]). In general, only the Master, PCM, Capture and e.v. channels are required. Mic Boost

4) The controls should not be set to 100%

5) Leave the Alsamixer and save the settings with „alsactl store X“ where X is the number of the soundcard (see above)