SvxLink is a language service system which runs under Linux. It is intended for use in amateur radio and has special functions. These include the control of relay stations (hardware in the loop) and the operation of an Echolink gateway.
The software has several modules which have to be loaded at runtime to use their full functionality.
Therefore in the following the operation of the software by the radio amateur will be explained and the currently available modules of the software will be discussed.
Basically it has to be said that every command which is sent to the link or the relay has to be terminated with a hash (#). It is also possible to query the status of the SvxLink station by sending a star (*). When sending the status the following information will be sent:

Name of the station, time, CTCSS tone to be sent, active module and request to send 0# to get help.

This sounds e.g. as follows:

„Delta Bravo Zero Whisky Sierra Foxtrot Relay it is now zero clock seven and fifty. Please include a CTCSS tone of one hundred comma zero Hertz. Active module: Echolink. To get help, please send zero hash.“