Macros are actions on the node that are triggered when a certain command is received. In general, SvxLink macros are initiated by placing the DTMF digit „D“ in front of them, e.g. D1234#
Macros are configured in a separate section which is identified by a section name and which must be referenced from a logic configuration section (where /etc/svxlink/svxlink.conf).

Activation of macros, by a logic specific entry in /etc/svxlink/svxlink.conf


The /etc/svxlink/svxlink.conf must now contain a section [Macro_repeater] in which the respective macros are defined.


In the first example, a selective call in mode „01“ (=ZVEI-1) and the number „12345“ is triggered when the macro „D0#“ is received.
In the second example, when the macro „D1#“ is received, an Echolink connection is established with the EchoLink test server.
The third example starts with the reception of „D2#“ the module MetarInfo and the output of the weather messages of the 12th configured weather station.

The prerequisite for everything is, of course, that the respective modules have been configured accordingly.