reporting errors

Errors should be reported to the SourceForge error tracking system. It can sometimes be difficult to write a good error message but I assure you that it is even harder to understand a bad error description. So if you find a bug, please take the time to complete the following steps:

1) Check the Error Tracker to see if this error has been reported before

2) Read the documentation again to be sure that you have not misunderstood anything. This includes the installation instructions, the SvxLink Server documentation, and the Qtel documentation, depending on which application you found the bug in.

3) Try to reproduce the error if possible. The way a bug is reproduced makes it easier for the developer to find and fix it.
If it is not possible to reproduce the bug, try to remember what exact actions preceded the bug. Add a detailed step-by-step description to the message so that the bug can be reproduced.

4) Write an error message in the error tracker. The error level should include the following:

# A detailed description of the error. Don’t just write „This doesn’t work“. Explain under what circumstances it does not work. There can be many possibilities why a certain function does not work.

# If possible, write how the error can be reproduced.

If you follow these simple rules, bugs can be found and fixed much faster.