(traffic information)

– No official module –

This module (actually „danger alert“) has been tested for several months and works relatively well.

However, it will never appear in Release/Trunk, it will only demonstrate what is possible with SvxLink.

there is also a limited control possibility after activating the module.Command:

0# – Help1# – Returns only the number of current traffic messages

2# – Returns all current traffic messages in chronological order fromExample configuration in /etc/svxlink/svxlink.d/TrafficInfo.conf[ModuleTrafficInfo]NAME=TrafficInfoPLUGIN_NAME=TclID=11TIMEOUT=15DELETE_AFTER=120HINZ=1SPOOL_DIR=/var/spool/svxlink/trafficinfoPLAY_DIR=/usr/share/svxlink/sounds/de_DE/TrafficInfoDescriptionNAMEDThe name of the module, for exampleB. NAME=TrafficInfoPLUGIN_NAMEIDEIndividual ID of the module with which the module is started.

TIMEOUT time in seconds after which the module is stopped if no activity is detected.

DELETE_AFTER Time in minutes, after which the stored traffic messages are automatically deleted


Output of the traffic message activation tone at the beginning and end of the message, see Hinz-Triller

SPOOL_DIR Directory, in which the traffic messages to be output are expected, the files have the structure:CALL.Hashcode.wav – the Wav-FileCALL.Hashcode.info to be output – the .info-File contains the text from which the wav-file was generatedThe hashcode is generated from the text content of the traffic message, CALL must correspond to the callsign under which the repeater/link was configured.

PLAY_DIR Directory into which the files for the output are copied, after playback these files are provided with an „old-“ at the beginning of the file name and copied into the $PLAYDIR/archive directory in which they remain for DELETE_AFTER to be deleted afterwards.