weather warning{:}

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This module outputs a storm warning as voice output as soon as it is received by email. It has been tested for some months on DB0WSF, DM0LEI and other repeaters and links. A text-to-speak system is required for operation, SvxLink itself does not generate any dynamic speech output. Two TCL files are required for operation, which can be downloaded here:




Copy the file WeatherInfo.tcl to /usr/share/svxlink/events.d and ModuleWeatherInfo.tcl to /usr/share/svxlink/modules.d. Create a spool directory: /var/spool/svxlink/weatherinfo with write permission for the user svxlink.

Nachfolgend Beispiele für Unwetterwarnungen:


0# – Help

1# – Returns the number of current thunderstorm warnings

2# – Returns the current thunderstorm warnings in chronological order

The subpages present two ways to generate thunderstorm warnings.